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  • Dominik Adamec je absolventem pražské AVU oboru sochařství (Jindřich Zeithammel, Tomáš Hlavina) a v současné době žije a tvoří v multietnickém Berlíně.Snad proto, že Adamec pochází z křesťanské rodiny, vychází jeho tvorba z ranně středověké sakrální architektury, sochařství i prvků náboženské liturgie.

    Ink Lovelorn by Boozed-Away Future Meets a Dehydrated Cuneiform

    Church of St. Salvator, Convent of St. Agnes
    National Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

    Wisdom as the process of accumulating knowledge used to be considered a solution in and of itself, while nowadays, wisdom is rather considered as intelligence – a condition for parsing information, or knowledge. Truth however appears only within an ideal constellation, and one truth quickly becomes replaced by another.

    If we however knew the answer to the questions we pose in relation to what we feel, we would not discover anything. I did not have a topic to which I needed to answer truthfully. I only felt a compulsion to seek out something. I assembled the best of womanhood and compiled it into the phallic shape of a sculpture, compiled notes from the literature I was reading at the time and watched lectures on evolutionary biology. It wasn’t like looking for a lost pair of glasses because I wasn’t even sure whether I wear them. It was rather something like a discourse on the existence of God, and so I assumed that the best place to have it would be in a church or monastery. And because I read that catharsis usually occurs through an encounter with seemingly conflicting phenomena, I chose to exhibit my phallic Madonnas in the oldest female cloister in Bohemia. In order to retain gender equilibrium, I let the space resonate with a synth-produced Gregorian chant, and I would walk through the installation, which I in fact conceived as a puzzle, and read some of the texts I had previously assembled. I understand that it sounds a bit shameful, but when you don’t know what you are searching for, you must trust your intuition, which works just as well as when one is travelling without a mobile map. But I strongly believe that I can be forgiven, as I in no way intended to desecrate such a beautiful spiritual space and, what’s more, I even found that which I set out to find. That is the realization that the human is a chimera, both physiologically as well as mentally. And that spirituality and lechery ought to dance together in satanic tango.
    I/II II/II
    Taxidermi Preparing a natural object for examination so that the loss of information is as minimal as possible. Taxidermists carry on the legacy of embalmers, animal stuffers and anatomists.
    Adoptive It is an original term which denotes all the strange objects which are incorporated into the sculpture whose common denominator is that they are made of haptic materials. They function as a form of implants screwed into the Corpus which temporarily accessorize its identity.
    Trepanation Trepanation is a surgical procedure which consists in perforating the skull and creating a hole in it. It is a procedure which was practiced as early as the Stone Age. It also appears as a motif for art. Christians believed that possession by an evil spirit can be remedied by trepanation of the skull. As the proof of the evil residing in the skull, a Stone of Folly was sometimes allegedly extracted. In the 20th century, rather than for extraction, the act of trepanation started being used to gain access into the skull. And the round apertures in my sculptures serve exactly the same purpose.
    Taphonomy The science of the transformation of living matter into a fossil.
    I/II II/II
    The Corpus Frame The word corpus develops into the following: Chorpus Christi of Texas, corporation, corpus cavernosa, incorporation, the corpus of a cake, the corpus sculptorum and many more, all of which are the products of whimsical irreverence through which we devalue the concept of a Corpus. If we judged the relationship of a human to its body in the light of all these artificial word variations, we would perhaps reach the conclusion that the ink spilled on the word Corpus which stains books and transcends them is much like the markings of a dog which stain the corner at the nearest city intersection.
    I/II II/II
    Thing We barely notice things unless they break down or stop working.
    I/II II/II
    Cuneiform Cuneiform is a method of writing ancient scripts which used the means available in ancient Mesopotamia, i.e. clay and reeds. What’s important is that it does not denote any particular set of signs, such as the Latin alphabet. It is also important to realize that Mesopotamian religion was rather matriarchal. Feminine goddesses represented the natural character of a very fertile land and its predominantly agricultural management system. I use cuneiform as a general name for my sculptures, also because I manifest in them the most beautiful aspects of femininity. I thus consider the individual sculptures as signs through which I sing my Ode.
    The performance recording
    Corpus It is the Latin expression for ‘body’ or an object form which later developed the Chorpus Christi of Texas, corporation, corpus cavernosa, incorporation or the corpus of a cake. But that’s not all. At the very end of this list there is the corpus sculptorum, which is cane paper – a special type of sculpting material.